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FT8 WSPR 160 630m

Beverage east and west seem to work okay now 2x ca 360M  are in the field thanks to Willem PD0OHW since i am temporary.. disabled i can not go out Directional effect above 1.5MHz is good at 138kHz DCF39 s9++ no directional effect For unknown reason i can not receive yet 136kHz  WSPR 160m last night  PSK reporter map show only FT8 no wspr. Several JA  missing on the map some reports are missed by PSK-reporter 30+ 2way JA contacts are logged using K3 100W  split rx 1908 tx 1840kHz Some relative strong JA did not copy others where easy contacted. Most signals are weak below -10dB WSPR org shows  WSPR only  160 / 80  60m  lately with map copyright warning . WSJT-x rc4  is downloadable  but this version only uses the new FT8 77bit tx protocol. Unlike rc3 it does not offer the option 75/77 bits. So if used now most FT8 will not decode you. 630m last night WSPR received


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