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Propagation is too good!

Getting used to good propagation is a quicker process then getting used to poor bands.. Again this morning/day 28MHz is complete filled with stations from 28.0 to 29.7  and even higher it is buzzing. Only was listening 29.650 FM.  USA and JY4NE TA etc etc The Steppir is doing fine but SWR is high at 29MHz and I could not tune it yet. Tried long with TX7M on 40m but they could not hear EU  working JA and W's  559 signal good copy long time. TX7M  now worked on 10/12/15/17/20/30 TX3T    4 slots 3XY1D   160m open T32C  17 slots  not hrd on 80/160 Used DELL LATITUDE D420  notepad where offered 135€ at the "Dag van de radioamateur" radio market Saturday.  Could not resist to purchase one. A low power/weight PC for WSPR intalled W7-pro. I fact I like the screen 1280X800  is better readable then the 1980x1080 ... WSPR 2.21 works okay using the internal sounddevice. After adusting the line in  what is more complex in W7 compared to XP. The ICOM IC706    tuned 8


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