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what the hack! it was a struggle but got it working agn

Om een heel lang verhaal  kort te maken.  Arduino IDE werkte een poosje goed  direct na de 1e installatie maar hield er ineens mee op. Na een hele hoop gezoek en herinstallaties werkt het nu alleen op een 2e PC weer. I received my Arduino-uno and its LCD Keypad Shield few days ago. I wanted to make a LF 475kHz  SWR/POWER meter  using the ON7EQ project. The software could be programmed to display Watts mW  dBm  Volts  Amperes if needed. But after it worked a day or 2 I encountered some problems with it. The IDE runs only the very first time.  After rebooting the PC it never run again! No way to get it running again re installed the IDE  Java rebooted  etc etc When I start my project now the startup screen just hangs for minutes it has to do with Java after that  the error popup shows:    launch4j Then the IDE shows with the source  but it responds not or very slow Compiling is quick downloading takes long ending with failure. After the first acquaintance with Arduino


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