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475kHz the "another tuning methode" ervaringen vervolg

5-December 2014 For the moment the QTX behaves nice  at 24V about 4Amps All temperatures in the save zone.  No extreme heat losses meaning the efficiency is >80%  So RF power should be around 100  The output voltage is 400V tt  is about 115V effective and sinus shape at SWR 1: 2.5.  The antenna current shows about 30%  that is about the maximum i can get here I do not know the real current it is not calibrated but it will be about 2A now. The actual dead toll of IRF540 is 6 now. The last 2 blown up at switching in the 24V  The IRF540 specifies  36A  and 100V you would think a power supply would melt down first seeing  those impressive figures.   Possible the power supply 50000uF elco is causing a too high inrush current . ASP  as simple as possible this is the simple setup  added a 6A meter with 15mV drop using a shunt of Constantaan wire In fact I am almost back to where I started from with all the modifications But L2 was to large here 1


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