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The Samsung OMNIA "smartphone"

This phone is the absolute top in user unfriendliness It abuses you with  its prototype software It will rarely connect to any WLAN access point. After entering the whole connection data it tells you it fails and you can try it again if you want.... nooooooooo! Using blue-tooth it is possible to get your pictures out but it is a quest to do it. The display is a billboard  everything is clear except that what you need  to see. It can not be used ( in daylight)  or never... One positive thing is that it can run I-GO.  Running I-go will always need an external power supply. Technically it has all the hardware to be a good smart phone  but   smart software is needed.. Luckily   i did not buy the OMNIA  just got it for use. Today I got the HTC Desire It was not possible to synchronise the phone data to Outlook since it just will not connect. Even a copy of  2  new phonebook entries to SIMM  gave an error: SIMM full! Just a couple of bytes that did not fit anymore to the SIMM.

calculating the DX-index for JO33hg using WSPR data

In an attempt to make more use of  the WSPR propagation data. I  try to calculate a  "DX Index"  the  DXI  for JO33HG  A simple calculation to start with: I take 100 WSPR spots of the last 12 hour period. Ordered by DX ascending.      calculated for my location. Unique calls checked    excluding repeating  spots Unique calls check can not be used with multyband. The number count of DX >5000km  is the "DXI"   for  my location: 26 December  morning  the DXI was 40       for bands 500/160/80 26 December  evening        DXI was 54       including 10/15/20/40 27 December  morning 06UTC    the DXI has dropped to  10! It is a start and gives some indication. But it can use improvement by weighing the doubles into the figure Now the activity is a major factor. That means  it is not representative outside EU and USA  since WSPR is rare in the rest of the world.  Why some HAM's never try WSPR in a DX location like FK8 VP8  but just leave their expen


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