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wspr 80M/60m

WRC15  in DL EI   and more  60m WSPR alternative  window has moved  to within WRC-15  15kHz window but the exact USB dial is unclear  now I use Dial USB: 5.36465 MHz  some are using 5.36460  some 5.36470 The  DL's YO EI traces are in this 200Hz window  now  Was decoded by KK1D  but I saw  DL reports by VK7BO and  ZL/G  nothing here wrong freq? or not good enough propagation. In PA  we tried before an alternative WSPR window in the WRC15 15kHz of 60M. But we stood alone then.  The classic 5.2872 MHz window is receive only  Dx there is  ZS1OA  or VP8ALJ  WSJT-X program does not allow hopping 2 freq in one band atm.  I can ad a 2nd frequency but only one is shown in the Schedule.  80m 24h   ZL was  07 UTC  dus dat is longpath ipv de directe weg zoals WSPR altijd aangeeft 60M 24h   USB Dial 5.346700    15x decoded by VK7BO


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