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CQWWRTTY 2015 back to N1MM Classic

Propagation poor  as expected. Got only a part of the evening greyline peak 15m as best DX band  CA BC OR and Hawaii came in good Switched back to N1MM Classic N1MM+  is not a pleasure in RTTY Decoding field is jumpy or does not show the actual decoding Picking the call a flee circus.. Responding delays  I suspect dot net makes it bulky and slow. N1MM Clasic is fine It does keep the mode correct when switching from RTTY  to USB unlike N1MM+ that has to be manual forced back to CW or USB I should backfeed that to N1MM forum but  perhaps someone else can do that for me. My feedback seems to end in the spam box.                 CQWWRTTY Summary Sheet        Start Date : 2015-09-26     CallSign Used : PA0O       Operator(s) : PA0O Operator Category : SINGLE-OP              Band : ALL             Power : HIGH              Mode : RTTY  Default Exchange : 14        Gridsquare : JO33HG              Name : J.C. van Oosten           Address : Oosterseweg 50


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