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Very early rise 160m did not look well only WB4AAA in the log good signal but still having the hum QRM at 1845 +/- 5kHz with the Beverage to West 80m was better  KH6AT 3522kHz heard well I called with 100W     KH6AT was worked 2009 1832kHz in the better low band times..  80m was a new band for me.. but just at the moment surprime  KH6AT aswered with PA0OI 559  had to correct the call of sk PA0OI Ger  well known dx'r of the past. But  like always? suddenly at that exact time I had to assist immediate in the house for something that could not wait 1 minute.  Radio is only a hobby  but why does this things always happen at the exact wrong moment? Is there a logical explanation for that? So when i was back 5 minutes later KH6AT was gone do'nt know if he got my call correct. Later he was on 3526 but to weak to work. Needless to say that there was no interruption now since Bryce was not workable anymore


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