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1820.6 ZL3NW Ron CQ  /QSO   good readable  539 at times on K9AY loop  ,  hand keying good signal strength but bit fluttery.  Was waiting for some SS-SR DX  this evening  great DX for me. This sunset again 160m was in very good shape. VK2KRR  again into West Europe  > 17000km  many reports Leigh copied my 1W signal again after the QSO with ZL3NW  Real good propagation on top band. Only DX in CW  ZL3NW heard the band no VK's! recording  ZL3ZW 1820.6 25 April 2012 19:14UTC SS/SR recording  ZL3ZW 1820.65 26 April 2012 19:13UTC SS/SR same time again!


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