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 Die Spratly Tragödie 1983 Almost 30 years ago tonight 9M4SLL heard at  160 wkd at 80   earlier H44G very weak at 80m But al propagation seems shifted to South EU. Signals are very weak and if something interesting is heard a lot of QRI  tuning and deliberate QRM makes you want to switch of radio. If 9M4SLL  says OH1? OH1? again pse.. Then the pile just keeps the same... everyone  keeps calling as if there is no relation with whatever 9M4SLL says How different is this when listening to a pile of state side signals There is no discipline in Europe plus deliberate jamming is common now at every DX that attracks HAM's A cluster spot and a zoo is starting.  I must admit that it sometimes happens to me calling simplex when split is asked. The K3 split setting is lost when swapping bands. A short check at 80m and back to 160 a K3 owner has to check every time whether the K3 is still operating shift frequency before calling. if not   CONFIG:SP


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