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Radio tower Smilde

This is partly radio related.. Crash after short fire.  15 Juli 2011 Smilde Tower   An unbelievable crash  Friday 15 July. Same time the 2nd other highest TV Tower had a fire emergency and had to be switched off some time. Almost all Radio services in the northern part of the country where shut down. The  MW transmitter at 747kHz  was suddenly the only way left to transmit Radio1. The emergency radio where citizens have to tune in when a disaster happens..  The level of our emergency  system is perfect demonstrated (in Dutch) by our comedian Freek de Jonge. rampen instructies The MW  had to be powered up again and  I could listen again while travelling in Germany the next week. Once upon a time travelling by car in EU one could receive this MW very good at night. At this almost 300m high  TV tower in Smilde no one is 100% responsible for operating this radio tower.  Our public services for Energy communication health transport are all affected by privatizing. This i


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