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CQWWCW huge CW activity 160 - 10m bands

   Started  LP but  switched  to HP needed some heating anyway sitting at the radio K3 + ACOM1000  .  Weather in the weekend too nasty to be outside. Mostly looking for outside my zone, 3 point QSO's  no planning for 100% score but during the test i became more and more fanatic fired by the interesting DX workable even on 10.  Had very nice long run USA VE  Sunday afternoon 15 and 20  until 20 became quiet. That was my longest N.A.  run ever, with very good signals  astonished  by the endless  callers from Zone 3 4 5 All zones except 19 and 34 could be worked. For a higher score I should have  spend more time at 40 and 80 and collect more cty multies. But even then i would probably not reach the EU top 50 , So i spend nice  time on 10 for goodies E2E E2A heard well at 10 but even with high power not copied  deja vue too high noise  i guess. VK3DX loud   no ZL on 10  But today Tuesday morning ZL3OY was -3 in 10m FT8 , would have been a good copy in CW. ultime DX for us.  Sunday 10 p


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