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WD2XSH/17 FN42pb new WSPRX

2013-01-19 07:38 PA0O      0.475778 -28 0 JO33hg 2 WD2XSH/17 FN42pb 5630km

only 1 decode last night   but it is the latest I have seen  07:38
I guess that means the low band season has ended.
To improve results at this band I will need remote antenna tuning.
Wind makes the SWR jumpy and the QTX type TX  can not handle SWR >1:2
Tuning is needed also when QSY  from 0.475700  to the CW  part  0.472200 
3kHz lower the SWR already goes up.
Then I have to go out, open the freezer ...and tune a C a little plus not very practical.

Made a few CW QSO  GI G DL SM6 PA using the Flex1500 with external keyer.

Today I am testing WSPRX   mode -15  V7 r07 r2948  a new program of Joe Taylor.
Already  Joe did update to r2960 after some backfeed! 
I needed too set T/R switching by CAT command DTR and or RTS  T/R did not work.
This version has 2 modes -2 is the normal 2minute TX frame  -15 is the new 15minute TX /RX sequence. This asks for a rock stable TX.
The decoding depth is increased to maximu…