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Contest ing without internet, hard to get used to that again. I became much depending on the ease of having the cluster spots and all other support of  internet. The band map is empty you have to search your self. Stro n g signals and interesting DX in the FOC contest . Do FOC  member s ever work low power ?  10m was good open to W and Caribbean . But not much BSCI activity on 10m. Reasonable propagation good strong W's on 80M FOC  contest is a bit a strange thing. Excellent operators excellent signals mostly Anglo Saxon HAM's It is a bit out of line with the HAM idea . A n exclusive elite group using the HAM bands for a member only contest. But it is good to hear that good operators are still plenty. 378 Q  80/40/20/15/10 Preparing   a beam for 15/10  a 4 ele light construction. but in this type of weather I will be on dipoles only in our PACC contest  next weekend. I hope  to be reconnected to the internet by then. Another useless vis


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