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LA7VHF/B 70.081


50 and 70 MHz
very strong ES   single  hop  already early morning
worked some time at 50 beam north North-East hoping for  extension to JA  but mostly backscatter signals and  single hop ES.  Also
50051 LA7SIX Bardu JP99EC 30 4-el Yagi 190o A1 24 0612 heard at 50.0508
and many many EU beacons
Pity that not at least a part of those beacons  are converted to WSPR   :-(

Then  later switched to 4M  heard LA7VHF JP99LQ at 70.0808 MHz

deep QSB
I heard ES Estonia working EA8BPX  that is >4000km 70MHz
Later in evening D44 and CT3  where spotted

Meanwhile  the low band propagation is real in summer state.

160m Last weeks not a single EU decode >4000   no VK or W/VE  or 5Z/VK1UN decode
 160 DX-index zero.

80M is a bit better few decodes by VK7DIK seen last week
last 24 hours   8 decodes  by VK6DZ
no VK3 or VK7
Just checked my N1MM log missing the last entry  OY1CT   Again N1MM had CAT errors frequency di…