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10 Hz  to 51.000000  MHz , steps selectable 1Hz  to 100kH or 1 Mhz

I had this AD9850 unit some time waiting to test it.
I used an ARDUINO UNO  with LCD Keypad shield
And a rotary encoder.

Many HAM 's already build receivers and tranceivers based on this fantastic AD9850 as VFO.
With this AD9850  building a rock stable VFO became a piece of cake!

The ARDUINO website shows many projects with this AD9850
But I could not find a sketch that  fitted my setup 100%.
I used the rotary encoder improved interrupt sketch as first base
by Simon Merrett / Oleg Mazurov / Nick Gammon rt Steve Spence

First only down count worked  I had  the encoder at pin 1 and 2  not 2 and 3  since those pins are  shifted 1 position on the board that tricked me.

Also the Vcc had to be connected to this encoder.
Only enabling the internal pull-up R's on the pins 2 and 3 showed missing pulses.

Had to adapt some things
The main loop was only a 1 time loop in fact in the original sketch

The LCD Keypad shield use…