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50MHz 7Q7CT +22 exception. All DX lands in Begium and a bit arround as long as i have been on 6m

  One of the very few openings  that signals reached my QTH.  Sofar only see DL ON G working not visible DX. But Malawi 7Q7CT sudden became very loud, the big red trace! Was calling 100W (real 75W  FT847) no succes . Long time ago 30 years.. 7Q7SIX beacon heard many evenings Those where other times  good propagation no FT8 and no (fire)wall of EU callers blocking N-E Europe... Rarely openings  reach us,  decoded  weak LU4 9J2BO 3B8 ZD7BG the only 2-way DX sofar. I saw few 100 km south  working every night into South America. Yes my antenna is a short Yagi about 3db less "gain" free horizon  North to South-East And free to West to North-West  The South Path is going over the 5km nearby Urban area of Groningen.   


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