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Continued        VM10   and VB6
What I wanted to see in W10  is if VisualBasic6 does works again as a proof to me that W10 is okay
in W8 MS had disabled the IDE  !   MS wants to get rid of their best and popular language product at any costs!
In W10  VB6 installed   the normal way as administrator
it  run's and the unsurpassed  IDE of VB6 works like it does in W7
Some compatibility warnings  you can ignore
WINDOWS 10 is seen as a repaired version of Windows 8 I never saw use for W8 that one I skip'd
For professional applications W7-64 is the preference  professional PC suppliers still ship the systems with W7
But maybe W10 is not a stepback like W8 and can it be a useful next W- OS
this is my story in a nutshell
1. To run W10 technical preview I wanted it as VM in already installed WindowsVirtual PC
But it would not work in W-Virtual PC
2. Virtualbox Oracle older version was installed  V4.3.8  I could not get VM W10 to work in that either.
3. V-box V 4.3.26 would not install…