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T he early bird catches the worm .  de morgenstond heeft goud in de mond . Signals amazingly strong all the way from Clipperton. I expected to maybe hear something but not signals like that. This morning  before  QRL I had about 1 hour   just about match ing the optimal time for Clipperton on the low bands .  About 519  549 clear copy on the loop at 160  It did not took many calls to confirm the QSO not like my struggle on higher bands. Then quick QSY to 80m 3533kHz   QSX up 2-5 Amazing strong signal at 80  579 clear copy and  fast operating. Gaining receive time by skipping call and up EU non information tail after each contact. Just up says it all . I like that style. Very good operators they know to handle the EU pile very well.  I am not only saying this because I made  it in the log. T he jammers  not awake yet , probably after a long night of jamming and annoying DX   At 80m the pile was bigger after 30


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