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UKSMG 6m Summer contest

   UKSMG 50MHz Summer contest

This Saturday 13Z   to Sunday 13Z  was the UKSMG 6m Summer contest.
Only by watching the calendar we know it must be summer.
The heating was on and we needed some extra light. Gray dark skies outside.
After last weeks heath wave it cooled down to 12C. 
Sunday morning signals in the 50MHz band
Most  EU Russia East Southeast CW  some USB mode   UR UT UX YO SV LZ  YU weak 9A
No Italians!  Nothing from North  North East no EA not even EA8 heard
And some direct signals ON DL G

Best DX heard A92GE in CW long CQ 559  but could not copy me running  ACOM1000 power. Not enough to be heard   a DL 200km S-E  had no problem,   guess a higher class PA ..
Since the spectacular 144MHz ES with a half......  QSO 4X/OM2IB  KM75JC 3256km
All ES openings moved to the normal position south all signals gone the signals die out just south of JO33HG.

THe UKSMG 6m summer contest is thé opportunity  for classic CW USB mode QSO
This contest does not allow FT8.
I was expecting to meet all those hams in this contest that hate FT8 so bad...
but where are those pure CW lovers?

UKSMG site

UKSMG Summer Es Contest Rules

The UKSMG welcomes you to the UKSMG Es Summer Contest

Note Rule Changes in Section D for 2021

I expected Section D to be digital mode  FT8 ,but i could not find anything about section D.  I see  section 1 2 3 4 5  where is section D?

A. Sections

Entrants may choose from one of the sections below :
  1. Single Operator - Fixed Stations
  2. Single Operator - Portable Stations
  3. 6 Hour - Single Operator - Fixed Stations **
  4. 6 Hour - Single Operator - Portable Stations **
  5. QRP 5 watts max - All Stations
Contesting in the DX window 50.100 50.130 and below 50.080 is not allowed
Zero points punishment if you are tuned  the wrong frequency.
Warning message blocks logging update, to late to say pse QSY outside the blocked band section the do it again..
I was surprised but yes, once upon a time there where DX windows.
In those time i had no internet we had 28.885 as 6m chat channel... 
The present DX window  is 50.313 i would think but a CW/phone QSO there is not puniced ..
I would skip this rule in the present FT8 ERA .
Anyway my result 51 QSO  including the invalids.



PE4BAS, Bas said…
Heb je een paar maal beluisterd Jaap. Sterk signaal maar kwam weinig voor je terug. Lijkt me frustrerend vooral als je ziet wat er allemaal op FT8 gewerkt word op dat moment. 73, Bas

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