This LENOVO X60  W10 upgrade   W10

W10 is working surprisingly well on this older laptop.
it seems less slow and all installed programs working  fine after the upgrade.

 2 problems solved  meanwhile
The Lenovo X60 did wake-up with WLAN adapter working  after unchecking power save on that device
And the 2nd WLAN router Eminent outside works after plugging the cable in the W-LAN port.
it was always?  in 1 of the LAN ports  i thought

But it has an issue with waking up the WLAN adapter
after wakeup it connects to WLAN but "no internet"

network diagnosis say  can not determen the problem
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection
adapter reports this device is working well.

I know  I have to reboot the system to get the WLAN working again

 one way to trick this out is to select device  properties  and then change one of the many properties
just one  of them  remember the change. I changed the WMM Enabled setting
say okay and watch the WLAN icon right under corner of the screen it should turn red and come back again normal.
The adapter was reset without reboot  hurray!
There are many options but the most important the RESET is absent.
Now I have unchecked the power saving option of this WLAN adapter will see.
Why this simple reset is always missing in the PC WLAN devices?
a RESET function is one of the most important functions in the WLAN world
Some WLAN devices are very unstable, the time between failing  is short
some  WLAN devices need resets every few hours  other can work a few days..


aart wedemeijer said…
Jaap hier hetzelfde probleem hoewel ik de PC niet laat slapen

ps geweldig ding.

Mijn oplossing.
De-activeer netwerk
Activeer netwerk.