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50MHz 7Q7CT +22 exception. All DX lands in Begium and a bit arround as long as i have been on 6m

 One of the very few openings  that signals reached my QTH.  Sofar only see DL ON G working not visible DX. But Malawi 7Q7CT sudden became very loud, the big red trace!

Was calling 100W (real 75W  FT847) no succes . Long time ago 30 years.. 7Q7SIX beacon heard many evenings

Those where other times  good propagation no FT8 and no (fire)wall of EU callers blocking N-E Europe...

Rarely openings  reach us,  decoded  weak LU4 9J2BO 3B8 ZD7BG the only 2-way DX sofar. I saw few 100 km south  working every night into South America.

Yes my antenna is a short Yagi about 3db less "gain" free horizon  North to South-East

And free to West to North-West  The South Path is going over the 5km nearby Urban area of Groningen.



PE4BAS, Bas said…
Hallo Jaap, zelfde hier natuurlijk maar dan nog iets slechter. Geen van die Afrikaanse stations gezien. Wel de roepers natuurlijk. Heb 1 decode van LU5FF, meer niet, maar zuid nederlandse stations hadden de opening wel natuurlijk. Heb vorige week (15 mei) nog wel met Brazil gewerkt, ook niet slecht natuurlijk....succes 73, Bas

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