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Top tropo 6M ES

Finally summer inversions are here
one day 33/34 to warm C next day 19C..... to cool ..
Very dry season again no rain.
Friday 28 June  Saturday 29 June
Very special tropo  path over land, first time ever to hear 1296.855 EA2TZ IN93BF  1278km
2 mornings around 11 seems to be the best time, in a row copied weak with QSB but Q5 1296.855 MHz tropo
But i did not catch a human EA no matter my advertising at KST2ME or cluster
Wrong timing  i feel this could be the rare unique occasion .
Possible for the EA1/2 it is normal  DX to G over water path but over land it is rare.

The 1296 MHz XVTR is direct behind the dish
30W and SKY67151 preamp
The i.f.  146 -148 MHz IC706  146.8850 # 1296.8850

A 2way with Guy F2CP at almost the same DX 1248km IN93GJ was in CW and USB
2 beacons  at 23cm not bad EA2TZ 1278km and ES0SHF 1141km

But 144.174   EA2XR FT8 a 2-way

Earlier besides the 3 LA beacons booming  in and a lot of radar signals

Beacons not heard before
longtime S9 heard
Callsign: SK1UHG - JO97CJ
Frequency: 1296.9510 MHz      note Beaconspot freq 1296.9500 is not correct
Date Last Spot: 2019-06-29
Freq Last Spot: 1296.9508
Heading: 53.2degrees
Distance: 867km
From: JO33HG31
ERP: 30.000W
Antenna(s): ALFORD SLOT
Keeper: SM1HOW

And  ES0SHF Estonia S3 max  about 15 minutes copied
"fast" CW ID 20 wpm and carier
Callsign: ES0SHF - KO18DN
Frequency: 1296.9150 MHz  but spot frequency  1296908
Date Last Spot: 2019-06-29
Freq Last Spot: 1296.9080
Heading: 52.5degrees
Distance: 1141km
From: JO33HG31
ERP: 60.000W
QTF: 90 and 270

also new for me OK0EKL - JO60LJ64   no OK heard

6m ES FT8

6m was a bit open to Asia but only for ham's a little few hundred km S-E
In evening short opening to USA just weak here heard some W from FN again

Last night 6M FT8 JW7QIA  in JQ69  sudden +13 few TX periods working LA SM OH  then faded for ever
later some thin sigs from N-A heard K1TOL  VE2DLC K2ZD
This Sunday morning  few JA heard JA7QVI JP7EIP in the FT8 log
several other JA heard  1 or 2 decodes
070645 -10 0.2 1815 ~ PA0O JA7GYP -03
070545 -9 0.3 2846  CQ DX JA7QVI QM08 Japan

070700 Tx 1006 ~ JA7GYP PA0O R-10
heard F4FUF working VK4MA
I still wait to catch VK8AW or VK4AM once but   think i need to move south to hear VK again after 30 years at 6m
This years 4m opening to UN  i saw the rest of PA extensive reporting the 2 UN hams
but here only 1x decoded it is time to find an other hobby or move to EA CT

What a big difference there is between JO33hg and a little more south JO21 JOx1 fields
it looks like antenna's malfunction.

Also the Solar Edge SE6k of the neighbors  50m north of me does not help.
My once low noise QTH is screwed up by this Solar Edge QRM machine
 producing constant noise and digi trash between 1 - 160 MHz !
During daylight time for over 3 year now.
Last year our Communication Agency A.T. did check on site and found that this SE6k Solar Edge does not comply with the EMC rules.
Never the less it is not replaced i am still waiting.
Now i think i also  do not have to comply to our rules?

Huge difference between JO33hg and JO21 has always been at 6m 10m 2m 4m
For instance this Sunday and Monday night several hours USA is worked in south-west PA DL G
Nothing here but 1 W seen, worked before only 1 decode.
Occasional signals in JO33hg W/VE , only a fraction of what is possible in JO21 JO31 or JO32 100 to  200km south.
And if we do have W VE then  DL OK OE I SV LZ have far better better signals and is better DX.
I also would prefer DX from EN or DN over FN.


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