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WSPR 4m 70cm

first time this season some testing at 70.091MHz
a lot of decodes between Jorgen OZ7IT and me resulted
these are the unique decodes only

4 spots:
 2018-02-26 11:32  PA0O  70.092535  -2  0  JO33hg  1  OZ7IT  JO65df  428  57 
 2018-02-26 11:46  OZ7IT  70.092459  -20  -1  JO65df  5  PA0O  JO33hg  428  242 
 2018-02-26 16:16  PA0O  70.092554  -12  -1  JO33hg  1  DF4PV/RX2  JN49ax  379  164 
 2018-02-26 15:06  PA0O  70.092579  -20  -1  JO33hg  1  PA0JME  JO21ri  227  201

first time tested WSPR 432.300MHz

1 spots:
 2018-02-26 18:52  OZ7IT  432.301480  -24  4  JO65df  20  PA0O  JO33hg  428  242
 Using just  X30 vertical g.p.  6m a.g.   and the vintage IC451E
this is an ICOM allmode rig ( CW FM USB/LSB to be precise since nowadays all mode means al lot more then in the last Milenium )
It has minimum 100Hz tuning step and there is no PC interface.
Only there seem to be 6 i/o connections at the 16pin AMP to control the CPU.
But the function for these Data lines i/o are not known to me.
Possible some ham somewhere has ever used these control lines?

and 1296.500 MHz but here i have a good antenna and front end XVTR with  low n.f. RX 0.75 db
19 spots:
 2018-02-27 15:40  PA0O  1296.501436  +4  -1  JO33hg  20  OZ7IT  JO65df  428  57 
 2018-02-27 16:32  PA0O  1296.501488  +3  -4  JO33hg  20  OZ7IT  JO65df  428  57 
 2018-02-27 16:32  PA0O  1296.501472  +4  -4  JO33hg  20  OZ7IT  JO65df  428  57 
 2018-02-27 16:24  OZ7IT  1296.501517  -12  -2  JO65df  5  PA0O  JO33hg  428  242 
 2018-02-27 16:24  OZ7IT  1296.501522  -7  1  JO65df  5  PA0O  JO33hg  428  242 
 2018-02-27 16:20  PA0O  1296.501478  +7  1  JO33hg  20  OZ7IT  JO65df  428  57 
 2018-02-27 16:20  PA0O  1296.501475  +11  1  JO33hg  20  OZ7IT  JO65df  428  57 
 2018-02-27 16:18  OZ7IT  1296.501523  -12  -4  JO65df  5  PA0O  JO33hg  428  242 
 2018-02-27 15:50  PA0O  1296.501443  -16  4  JO33hg  20  OZ7IT  JO65df  428  57 
 2018-02-27 15:40  PA0O  1296.501431  -11  -4  JO33hg  20  OZ7IT  JO65df  428  57 
 2018-02-27 09:38  OZ7IT  1296.501480  -14  -2  JO65df  5  PA0O  JO33hg  428  242 
 2018-02-27 15:34  OZ7IT  1296.501561  -16  0  JO65df  5  PA0O  JO33hg  428  242 
 2018-02-27 15:34  OZ7IT  1296.501566  -12  1  JO65df  5  PA0O  JO33hg  428  242 
 2018-02-27 15:32  PA0O  1296.501437  +6  3  JO33hg  20  OZ7IT  JO65df  428  57 
 2018-02-27 15:32  PA0O  1296.501446  +3  -3  JO33hg  20  OZ7IT  JO65df  428  57 
 2018-02-27 15:12  PA0O  1296.501450  -8  -4  JO33hg  20  OZ7IT  JO65df  428  57 
 2018-02-27 13:18  OZ7IT  1296.501472  -22  -2  JO65df  5  PA0O  JO33hg  428  242 
 2018-02-27 11:54  OZ7IT  1296.501504  -26  0  JO65df  5  PA0O  JO33hg  428  242 
 2018-02-27 11:36  OZ7IT  1296.501458  -13  0  JO65df  5  PA0O  JO33hg  428  242

B.t.w.  the DB. QUERY SHOW ALL  UNIQUE  does not consider  BAND. or frequency range.
That means  SHOW ALL does not show all,
It fits to my believe that most statements can be reversed.
Only the latest decode of a unique call sign is in the resulting recordset.
The unique decodes of this call sign on other bands are not shown.
Strange that i have not noticed this issue before an omission.
I should post this at the forum but it happened to me again. I lost all typing with one click at the wrong spot.
Last night DP0GVN  IB65 Antarctica NeumeyerII base  13835km to south!
Decoded me on 3 bands 160m  80m and 60m  .
The propagation path was very good and with power down to 0.5Watts  -21dB
 still  7dB room.

 2018-02-26 17:20  PA0O  3.594146  -17  0  JO33hg  1  VK7KPC  QE38ok  16827  82 
 2018-02-25 23:52  PA0O  5.366244  -14  0  JO33hg  1  DP0GVN  IB59uh  13835  186 
 2018-02-26 05:22  KD6RF  3.594116  -23  0  EM22le  5  PA0O  JO33hg  7901  38 
 2018-02-26 17:20  PA0O  3.594139  -26  0  JO33hg  1  VU3KAZ  MK82tu  7606  97 
 2018-02-26 03:42  PA0O  3.594149  -26  0  JO33hg  1  KC9NBV  EM69oe  6827  298 

Another thing WSPR at 60m that wonders me.
There are 4 different frequencies to consider with 60M WSPR

One of the basic rules that make WSPR and other narrow band weak signal DIGI modes so successful everyone using the same USB dial frequency, but now this rule is dropped.

USB dial : 60m 4 offsets
1: 5.357    kHz   all poor WRC2016 restricted HAMS..
2. 5.2872  kHz    for  ZS South Africa  and OZ LA G and ? not under WRC2016  restriction
3. 5.362    kHz    in use by ZL  and Pacific  and within WRC 2016 15kHz section
4  5.3647  kHz    where DP0GVN  listens..

Since WRC 2016 we have  15kHz  and 15W ERP left
PA could use 100kHz and 100W before the  WRC2016
Strange is that some nearby countries in W-EU can use 200kHz  and way more power.

My wanted feature for WSJT-x would be the option to use sub-frequencies within one band
to step through all offsets.

 LOTW   most all?  VHF/UHF HAM's  don't use LOTW
possible using paper log's ;-) 

Sorted by QSO Date (0.007436 seconds elapsed)
 Call signWorkedDate/TimeBandModeFreqQSL
DetailsPA0OZL3CC2018-02-28 06:45:0060MJT95.36347NEW ZEALAND
DetailsPA0OTG9ANF2018-02-27 06:46:0080MFT83.57357GUATEMALA
DetailsPA0OW9HBH2018-02-27 06:15:30160MFT81.84153UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
DetailsPA0ODO8AIL2018-02-26 07:34:1580MFT83.57394 
DetailsPA0OV31MA2018-02-26 07:24:0080MFT83.57394 
DetailsPA0OZL3AB2018-02-26 07:07:4560MFT85.36294 
DetailsPA0ON9SU2018-02-25 07:04:3080MFT83.57548UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
DetailsPA0ON6ED2018-02-25 07:00:1580MFT83.57548UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
DetailsPA0OOK1LL2018-02-25 06:48:4580MFT83.57375CZECH REPUBLIC
DetailsPA0OF4HQL2018-02-25 04:30:1580MFT83.57370 
DetailsPA0OZL4OL2018-02-24 07:23:0060MJT95.36294NEW ZEALAND
DetailsPA0OZL4OL2018-02-23 07:17:4960MCW5.36206NEW ZEALAND
DetailsPA0OZL2AZ2018-02-23 07:04:4960MCW5.36215 
DetailsPA0OHB9CIC2018-02-23 06:09:45160MFT81.84053 
DetailsPA0ON4MIT2018-02-23 04:49:35160MFT81.84072UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
DetailsPA0OZL3CC2018-02-21 07:48:0060MJT95.36323NEW ZEALAND
DetailsPA0OZL3CC2018-02-21 07:36:1560MFT85.36323NEW ZEALAND
DetailsPA0OZL2AZ2018-02-21 07:16:5560MCW5.36219 
DetailsPA0OG4ODA2018-02-20 22:30:0123CMSSB1296.22500 
DetailsPA0OG4ZTR2018-02-20 22:28:0523CMSSB1296.17000 
DetailsPA0OG4ASR2018-02-20 21:50:4623CMSSB1296.17326 
DetailsPA0OG4BRK2018-02-20 21:36:0123CMCW1296.20599 
DetailsPA0OG4BAO2018-02-20 21:01:5623CMSSB1296.23986 
DetailsPA0OG3TCU/P2018-02-20 20:57:3123CMCW1296.24515 
DetailsPA0ODL3IAS2018-02-20 20:44:5523CMCW1296.17700 
Most recent QSO record received 2018-02-28 16:12:05Z


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