WSJT-x multiple instance

I am testing with 2 instances  WSJT-x  latest version.
Using N3IZN notes on
This is simple using  2 shortcuts to WSJT-X   with  command line  option --rig-name=xxxx
This command line option creates separate program environments with different configurations.

2 (or more)  rigs can be used simultane with WSJT-x  at the same PC
A second instance of WSJT-x  for the 2nd Rig  and the logging is needed
The shortcuts to WSJT-x  have to be modified to accomplish this.

to add a second separate working instance for WSJT-x
make a copy of the first shortcut to WSJT-x

rename the shortcut to rig2       rig2  is the name you want to use for your rig

r-click on this WSJT-x rig2
open properties
change the target name to
C:\WSJT\wsjtx\bin\wsjtx.exe --rig-name=rig2
( 1 space between wsjtx.exe. and --rig-name=rig2    and rig-namem must be the same rig2 

that is all
if this shortcut is used,  the latest installed WSJT-X  wil be started for rig2  in its separated environment for logging
the location of the rig2 log files can be found menu file -> open log directory

Here  the IC706  is  the 1rst Shortcut
name:  wsjtx - IC706
 target name:
C:\WSJT\wsjtx\bin\wsjtx.exe --rig-name=IC706
Unchanged start in  C:\WSJT\wsjtx
The IC706 is as before connected  hardware with com1 and audio ports

aded 2nd instance
WSJT-X TS2000     using FlexRadio Power-SDR   v2.2.3 emulating radio TS2000
connected  with Flex1500   at USB 474.2kHz
using VAC and V-serial ports
fttb only receive i have an issue that cable1 VAC is used for in and output at P-SDR to let it receive
normally  VAC in is connected to out  and vice versa  but that did not work yet so tx will be not possible this way?

It is running on an older X60 Lenovo with docking bay com1 lpt1 mny USB   and Win10

Now  I can independent operate 474.2kHz  and 6m or 2m
but this system does not run as stable as the classic IC706 WSJT-X over hardware connections

it  crashed few times
do not know what causes the break downs

no crash  after update to Power-SDR 2.8

no DX at 474.2  and 10m is quiet to the good propagation of last weeks has ended

RI1ANO   was very loud at 30M FT8  no others dx heard

the very good Oktober propagation  ended 10m 12m closed now and the low bands very poor
not seen AA1A at 474.2 for days ,  P-SDR setup with the Flex1500  is suffering  software instability
This morning again the SDR RX was frozen