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23cm beacons

PI6ASN  1296.638500  CW ID:  PI6ASN LT70/23 CM55g

met antieke  locator CM55g in de CW ID  # JO22 
lineare transponder Amsterdam  in:  432.537 MHz 
                                                     out:  1296.637 MHz
        ik hoor mijn Icom451 10W vertical (ant =3W )  432.540 FM carrier  zwak op de uitgang terug

 veel niet eerder gehoorde bakens  in nachtelijke goede tropo zaterdag op zondag

 1296.907500  PI7QHN  CM53b  old VHF locator!

0047 pa0o 1296950.4 DB0GW jo30jk uni due vy close wth ON
0035 pa0o 1296864.0 DB0JK jo30lk > jo33hg 9 usb dial0
0030 pa0o 1296853.0 DB0JO qtf180
0030 pa0o 1296852.5 DB0JO qtf180
0030 pa0o 1296744.0 DB0LTG PI4 17 dB Q=100 255 km
0030 pa0o 1296743.5 DB0LTG PI4 17 dB Q=100 255 km
2331 pa0o 1296907.0 PI7QHN old loc! CM53b > J)33hg31 ( DN
2323 pa0o 1296815.0 PE0GHZ/B JO11WM58 > JO33HG31 S9+ norm S
2312 pa0o 1296950.0 ON0TB jo30bm

1296.8523 LA1UHG JO59FB 549  23UTC   FSK ID  688km        normal nil
1296.8523 PE9GHZ/B   JO11WM58   270km        589  23+ UTC fsk ID  normal just detectable

Eemhaven reflecties 200m high Windgenerators and 100m + high platforms
1296.9113  DB0XY JO51EU   549  QTF 060 Eemshaven en     549 QTF 120 direct

Regular copy in JO33HG31:
OZ7IGY       1296.8300           JO55WM         424km
DB0VC         1296.9200          JO54IF             290km
DB0XY         1296.9126          JO51EU           370km
ON0TB          1296.9497          JO30BM    
PI7ALK         1296.915            JO22IF
GB3MHZ       1296.8300          JO02PB


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Having relative poor signals on the local 70cm / 2m channels using this Diamond collinear 70/2 combi antenna at a height of 25m. I needed to investigate what could be wrong.
Measuring the cable only 3W is left for the antenna of the 10W 435MHz output from a IC451E
The cable is 30m type H100 Z50 10mm outside diameter it is semi air-spaced but has an impossible 4mm² solid CU inner conductor not much air left. I preferred the H43 Z75 cable having lower loss and mechanical better ratio in conductor size but it is no longer selling i think. This H43
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Above the low noise  preamp 50 - 4GHz    ebay  6€

Tested  2 small porto antennas
1 Baofeng UV antenna left   2nd best signal on PI2NOS
2 eBay DIAMONDSRH805S  wide band 144/432/1200  it works for its size as expected
3 piece of wire :   best signal in the setup...

Unit under test at workbench.
It was stable  50mA  at 5V   few days,  but sudden the current went up to 100mA
And i could  no longer adjust it with the negative bias Voltage.
The - Voltage went to zero and the SPF input port became low Z.
This SPF5189z was broken  no oscillations, no input overload just it broke while i was receiving the PI2NOS 430.125 using a small antenna at the workbench.

The specs of  SPF5189z  say it has an internal circuit  regulating the bias current.
Replaced . again   with an other of the 5 spare SPF i have.
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60m 5,362 open to ZL every? morning