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external l.o. 1150MHz connected to DB6NT

Now the 1.3GHz XVTR improved stability and now almost exact at 1150.00000 MHz 
not 1152.010  as the standard 96MHz  was 10kHz high and could not be tuned to exact 1150
like most  x-tal 's  a bit too high in frequency
Received    PLL  unit from  DF9NP   1150/1152 MHz local oscillator
It is the box left 
Very stable and clean signal  from this unit.
using ADF4153 and TCXO  0.5ppm  -20 -- +70 C
standalone already  very stable 

My ADF4351A is used as test signal generator
at 1296.200  and the 10MHz overtone at 1300MHz is still a good strong reference signal
I switched off the internal  X-tal 96MHz  x 12 3 stage part and fitted an other SMA for the external l.o.
The ADF4351A signal is not as clean as the DF9NP PLL
And standalone with the onboard 10MHz xo it is to unstable to be used as local oscillator for 23cm
but GPS locked  it is a very stable test signal.
 XVTR  with Antenna relay and external 1150MHz l.o.
146  - 148 MHz  #  1296 1298MHz
The l.o. is switchable  to 1152

and can shift - 28 or + 28 MHz for repeater use.
however the DB6NT design is small band using helical bandfilters
i could not get 2W on all shifts
it should be possible to tune the 28 down 1122Mhz  and 1150 to have full output.


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SPF5189z Low noise preamp 23cm

14-4-2018 updated

Above the low noise  preamp 50 - 4GHz    ebay  6€

Tested  2 small porto antennas
1 Baofeng UV antenna left   2nd best signal on PI2NOS
2 eBay DIAMONDSRH805S  wide band 144/432/1200  it works for its size as expected
3 piece of wire :   best signal in the setup...

Unit under test at workbench.
It was stable  50mA  at 5V   few days,  but sudden the current went up to 100mA
And i could  no longer adjust it with the negative bias Voltage.
The - Voltage went to zero and the SPF input port became low Z.
This SPF5189z was broken  no oscillations, no input overload just it broke while i was receiving the PI2NOS 430.125 using a small antenna at the workbench.

The specs of  SPF5189z  say it has an internal circuit  regulating the bias current.
Replaced . again   with an other of the 5 spare SPF i have.
The new one again could be adjusted at 50mA  5V 
The current raises to 150mA  when removing the  negative gate voltage.
Where is that internal bias circuit ?
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2011-01-22 DIAMOND X30 2m 70cm 1m30 Colinear inside

Having relative poor signals on the local 70cm / 2m channels using this Diamond collinear 70/2 combi antenna at a height of 25m. I needed to investigate what could be wrong.
Measuring the cable only 3W is left for the antenna of the 10W 435MHz output from a IC451E
The cable is 30m type H100 Z50 10mm outside diameter it is semi air-spaced but has an impossible 4mm² solid CU inner conductor not much air left. I preferred the H43 Z75 cable having lower loss and mechanical better ratio in conductor size but it is no longer selling i think. This H43
3W should be enough for a comfortable noise free FM signal. But only 27km away at PA0A the signal is weak too weak something must be wrong? I made a simple reference dipole of 2x17cm CU wire.
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In Japan digimode is allowed 1907.5  to 1912.5 kHz only FUNK FA 11/18 1087
( posible in future i am thinking of writing in German language since the Brexit  why should we use Englisch ?)
JA TX  USB dial  1909kHz or 1907kHz   rx dial 1840kHz
EU send 1840kHz  RX  dial 1907 or 1909kHz where ever signals are seen.

Tonight i tried with succes for the first time with several JA stations 2-way FT8  heard HL  HL3GOB dial 1907
must say it is some time ago i have seen JA in CW at 160m
JA CW is only in the JA -window 1810 to 1825kHz  and that part is mostly occupied for us
In contest the only chance is calling S&P normaly and only the big guns can be worked
But in FT8 it is easy 100W!

i just set my K3 VFO A to   dial 1907kHz   mode DATA A
and VFO B to the usual 1840kHz

WSJT-x  setup   radio split operation must be none

but the K3 must be set to split  TX 1840 rx 1907 kHz thats all

 btw  this morning VP6D  was on topband weak but some QSB   1826.5 up
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