Only  outside EU contacts valid in the WAE contest
Low power K3 100W
Propagation not as  bad  as expected  20 and 40 m excellent condition
Even 28MHz a bit open  to USA  on Sunday
DetailsPA0OK9NW2016-08-14 11:55:1910MCW28.02330UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
DetailsPA0ON3RD2016-08-14 11:53:1210MCW28.02554
DetailsPA0OAA3B2016-08-14 11:48:1510MCW28.02697UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
DetailsPA0OW1UE2016-08-14 11:36:2210MCW28.00117
DetailsPA0OK2PLF2016-08-14 11:33:0910MCW28.03665
DetailsPA0OKD4D2016-08-14 11:26:0210MCW28.02187
DetailsPA0ON5DX/22016-08-14 11:25:1410MCW28.02925
DetailsPA0ON2NT2016-08-14 11:15:1110MCW28.01055
DetailsPA0O3W4XX2016-08-14 11:06:3215MCW21.00354

DetailsPA0OJA7BME2016-08-14 19:53:0540MCW7.03530JAPAN
DetailsPA0OVR2XAN2016-08-14 19:44:2640MCW7.03297
DetailsPA0OJE4MHL2016-08-14 19:42:3840MCW7.03056
DetailsPA0OZM1A2016-08-14 19:39:5340MCW7.01603
plenty DX possible with barefood K3 power even at 80m

for example:   3W4XX  Vietnam 40m cq cq 579 no takers.  easy
... no dxpedition jammers

 easy   JA    / USA / SA  15m/40m ZL
strange high noise level s6-6  at 20m    was called by stations that I could not copy.
20 was open all night

used N1MM clasic the latest version 14.9.0
 ctrl-Z  enters QTC  mode but the QTC input field does not show.
Only one time the QTC field was shown  never again.
Maybe not need to see it.
Bit tricky QTC CW needs some training this CW QTC
I asked for QRS in QTC exchange  to get  started
it is easy to mix up  the string of log exchange
QTC needs more CW skil then a simple contest QSO

One more try N1MM+  but it crashed
I need to upload e newer version..
 What i could not do because those popup's
preventing me to do anything else then pressing OK ..   loop of error messages.
Had to force it down with task manager.
This silly popup is a flaw of N1MM  also present in the older versions  as long as i use N1MM   it always had the error hangup popups
Application is modal. The user must respond to the message box before continuing work in the current application.

Downloading the latest N1MM+  gave the same result

What happened  to this fb logger ?
MS dot net is killing N1MM  I can only use the latest classic dot-com version.