ADF4351 locked by GPSDO

When monitoring the ADF 1296.1 MHz on the 23cm DB6NT  it showes an ugly broad humming signal   switching the ADF to the  internal ref the signal is a  clear tone.
This ADF REF input   needs a  10MHz  TTL 3V3 blok fomat  to drive ?

Deja vue with the 23cm XTVR  of 30 years ago:
The 96MHz X-tal  does not want to work at its designed frequency and is drifting in kHz range at 1152MHz. Since that project I avoid using single xtals since never ever they will work at the correct
 frequency. Only use integrated Xtal ocillator modules since then
And the NE325 Gaasfet preamp likes oscillating  way more  then amplifying 
nothing is changed...
I remember long time ago in the 80-ties when we still had exceptional tropo propagation to east EU
A pile of  UA UR UC SP at 70cm CW  on 23cm there was UA3LBO but
the 23cm Gaasfet preamp just could not handle the strong radar sweeps, every 10 seconds a radar was triggering the fet in self oscillation . 

Meanwhile a struggle to get connected to internet
Sometimes every thing works fine like it should
I take my sleeping Laptop to QRL open it , it connects to the w-lan okay, I bring it home open it from sleep mode it will connect to my home w-lan and ready to go.
But for unknown reason  some days these normal routines just do'nt want to work.
Every laptop/device will find a different way to malfunction in respect to W-LAN.
One laptop has i-net connected while the other at the same WLAN does say  good signal! but no- internet must have to do with not finding DNS.
On lucky day's just short switching to an other w-lan and back is  enough to get the system online again.
But on the harder days the only thing that helps is the re-boot procedure again the reset button is still very essential special in the WLAN world.
A third Laptop  with Win10  regularly has this annoying issue 
just does not connect after wake-up from sleep and needs  complete reboot ..  
it does connect to the Wlan that has i-net but say connected / no internet

btw Win10 on  my older Lenovo X60 laptop (with dockingbay lpt com1 extra usb) workes very good 
all hardware except wakeup Wlan 
Software worked after the upgrade W7->W7   even better than before
f.i. the RTL SDR stick works reliable on W10  but in W7 it only worked sometimes and the sudden W7 rejected the RTL SDR software
 the audio feedback problem seems gone after upgrade to W10 
in W7 I had the problem that the line in signal or microfone  was always monitored to the speakers resulting in backfeed.  I could not fix that and this Laptop wasalmost useless for WSPR and other audiocard based software and  that was the purpose I had bought this X60 + docking for.

If wired I-net would not bring so much extra EMC trouble into the shack  I would have dumped the  W-LAN  malfunctioning devices  
Radio without I-net is poor  but it is a hate love relation.
The digital systems bring a lot of noise to the radio room.   
An  new issue with this Blogger:  page won't publish  instead I get  a confusing row of drafts    

made an active 10MHz filter  to use the 10MHz output from the Trimble GPSDO but that failed
this ADF  needs a 10MHz in ttl block shape 

Filter using 2 MF tunable trafos +/- 4uH
amplifier part by  PE1FOD

400mV tt  out now sinus shape nice stable  It lockes on  the 80mV tt 
 The internal 10MHz is  1Vtt  (open load)
this cirquit workes fine if you need an Ssinus shaped signal.
Now I know i need at least a 1Vtt  TTL block form  
a sinus shape will not work