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It's a struggle W7 i see no improvement against even W2000 !

N1MM on my Lenovo W510 W7-64   with USB<->serial Prolific
After installing yet another Prolific driver  I tested again with N1MM on the laptop. 
At first some hours all was working normal but then suddenly again  the frequency readout and ruler in N1MM  starts to play wild . Complete random frequency's where shown.

it hangs after some time
communication poll still runs with K3 but crazy display. Reset radio's will bring it back to normal.

Still not solved will have to get another USB converter based on the FTDI chip/driver to point out where this problem is coming from.
Another thing in W7  some button text no longer fits in the objects. 

Now I am testing with a rs232 breakout  box and will try to monitor the data over the port.
The same Prolific is working okay with WSJT and WSPR
I could run WSPR 24hours without errors
Also WSJT  the latest version 7.07 runs good  except for some error messages in the dos-box regarding to MSSQL access. It seems WSJT is assuming that MS SQL server is installed.  I could not find any issues about SQL in the manual.  SQL database is used for read/store some program settings.
I tested JT6M  2 QSO and JT65A  copied W7GJ  -17dB on 50.190  not bad . Worked before years ago with EME  using WSJT4  i could never run WSJT6  but WSJT7 is okay for me.  
There where no communication errors with WSJT and WSPR but of course N1MM has an intensive serial data exchange that is not comparable with only switching T/R every minute or so.

Another long lasting grieve about Blue-tooth again...
Trying to get holiday pictures and clip from my Nokia
The basic of  BT  is just okay but in practice it is almost unworkable...
more programs are used and they do not work together ... confusing
I can send a picture to the Lenovo selecting and approving one by one ..... aaarrgg
But at the same time the BT devices can't show my Nokia ! just unable to find the bloody telephone!
Btw  BT show enabled in Nokia.
The show BT devices is empty but same time I am connected...
Then with start program BT apparaten Jaap ( =my Nokia BT name) a nice picture about the BT connection is shown.

This part of BT does know more then the other parts... first I had to connect, that worked a miracle!

But then  all steps need to be approved on the Nokia!   imagine  that such thing was normal on the Internet that you have to approve every step in the process for data transfer......   normal is you give just one time approval ?
And then finally you can browse your Phone.  SDR drive E  here hold the needed data.
Then another confusion is finding the right map they are named different  English Dutch  it is  fishing for the right map...  In between the explorer crashes to keep you even more busy with this simple task of getting  your data out of the phone.
Then next thing is to select the pictures you want to copy. The selection of date does not work well. The files will not order in the right sequence! Why is this changed? what is wrong with the standard function common used  like in explorer? Now there is an option to select a date range that is new and would be nice but still other dates are also selected... So it is still a job to get the right pictures selected by hand.
How did they screw up this basically nice system BT   ?  The looks of  program parts are just fine but the functionality   very poor.
Then after a lot of trial and error the pictures did start to send to the (not asked about) predefined location on the PC about 100kb/s  not very fast but good enough if only....  it would hold for the whole session....
It stopped in the middle saying session  timed out!  Of course in this well looking but primitive  programs there is no way to resume. So you have to start the whole thing again trying to get connected to the FTP server... well  it is just a shame very very poor functioning.
 I did not use the Nokia suite  that's another  headache stuff...
Start browse  again  trying to get the rest of the pictures gave this bloody error report  busy!  doing what??
it is al made to maximal irritate the users that for sure!

Am I done yet? .... no not yet
The actual screen resolution when using double screens is always a surprise  when using screens with different resolution. Like here my 2nd screen is 22 inch having 1680x1050  the Lenovo has full HD 1920x1080  The image below shows correct screen resolutions but in real the resolution of the Lenovo is reduced to 1680x1050 if it is not checked as being the main-screen. So the sides have black blocks
Small error possibly it was not tested before releasing the driver.... I have seen this before with other systems it is a struggle to  get the correct resolution And you never know what it will be after reboot.

This simple problem causes that some programs stay a non visible video  department after disconnecting the 2nd monitor. N1MM  has  help for that:   find all windows (move within 800x600)  but sometimes program jump to a non existing video room..  Trying to get it back with move not always works.
Some programs seem to dissapear to left where never had been a 2nd display. It is a bit random.

The band seems very quiet since that last 6m opening to East-USA.
I have this week left for holiday sure may June are the preferred months to have holiday for 6m dxing
But my QRL always is busy in that period   It seems to be over now with 6m dx....


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