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VK5ZAG 2 evenings in a row reported my 160m 5W WSPR beacon

Woow !
2010-11-09 19:22 PA0O 1.838148 -26 0 JO33hg 5 VK5ZAG PF84vf 15788 83
2010-11-09 19:30 PA0O 1.838148 -19 0 JO33hg 5 VK5ZAG PF84vf 15788 83
2010-11-09 19:42 PA0O 1.838148 -20 0 JO33hg 5 VK5ZAG PF84vf 15788 83
2010-11-09 19:50 PA0O 1.838148 -23 0 JO33hg 5 VK5ZAG PF84vf 15788 83
2010-11-10 19:38 PA0O 1.838148 -23 0 JO33hg 5 VK5ZAG PF84vf 15788 83
2010-11-10 19:46 PA0O 1.838148 -26 0 JO33hg 5 VK5ZAG PF84vf 15788 83

2 nights VK5ZAG was on 160m WSPR  both nights he received me  at the best gray-line time coincidence?
Almost zero activity in Africa Asia S.A.  I just wonder what would be possible if there where a few  VK ZL Oceania active.  Now almost exclusive EU and USA on WSPR Top-band!  
I was on ON4KST low-band chat trying to raise some attention to the DX crowd but got almost no response. Only one HAM wanted to try it but his PC was out of order...
It is very strange that almost no one of the Top-band dxers´s pay attention to this mode. This is a real dx mode!  Around the time  VK5ZAG  decoded me  the classic DX crew could not raise any real dx  using full power CW...  
I just wonder  why do the om's not start  WSPR  mode when they are in "idle" mode?????
 You could  go out , have dinner join your family  and same time leave your dx-station in WSPR running.
The real DX'r  just won't do that. They don't take WSPR serious?   But WSPR is the best propagation or antenna test available for the DX interested hams. Signal reporting is much more accurate and comparative then the normal wet finger reports that are exchanged in  high QRM/QRN. Further more there is no such thing as worked before in WSPR as long as there is propagation every signal is reported and stored in database for later evaluation. The best propagation research available in the history of Radio!  All with low power.  
Is the argument that WSPR is a complete PC controlled mode ?   Correct but  what is left of the DX community when all PC assisted operations in the shack are abandoned?  Of course only paper logging.  Switch of the PC ,DX cluster , DX-chat box. And go complete naked again....
Of course a WSPR "QSO"  is something else as a man made CW QSO but for the propagation antenna test WSPR is much more effective and it can be run 24x7x365
I think WSPR is also very good for 6M  some say it does not fit the magic band because of the short openings.. I doubt that, what about 160m QSB? sometimes no more then 10seconds a dx is workable.
With WSPR more propagation is catched for sure. Because only the most fanatic DX' r stay around all the time. And then go out for some absolute necessary shopping or trying to be a bit social (....)  come back and find out some opening was missed...
I was on 50Mhz WSPR last summer but there is 1 problem NO ACTIVITY!  just no activity or  the typical DX-ham species is very conservative?  Else one would be amazed by what is possible if more hams on DX-locations would run WSPR beacon mode when not in the shack. 

here are the unique call reports  of last week
2010-11-09 19:22 PA0O 1.838148 -26 0 JO33hg 5 VK5ZAG PF84vf 15788 83
2010-11-06 22:48 PA0O 1.838101 -25 0 JO33hg 5 W4ENN EM64ru 7169 295
2010-11-09 22:20 PA0O 1.838148 -25 0 JO33hg 5 WB8HWF EN80sc 6497 296
2010-11-06 22:20 PA0O 1.838100 -24 0 JO33hg 5 N3CO EN72et 6468 300
2010-11-09 03:50 N3CO 1.838164 -30 0 EN72et 5 PA0O JO33hg 6468 45
2010-11-06 21:46 PA0O 1.838099 -18 0 JO33hg 5 WB0IQK EN90dw 6386 296
2010-11-08 03:36 PA0O 1.838042 -27 0 JO33hg 5 WA3USG FN10le 6162 293
2010-11-08 23:04 PA0O 1.838047 -28 0 JO33hg 5 VE3DSH EN93rl 6121 298
2010-11-12 01:28 PA0O 1.838147 -24 0 JO33hg 5 AG6T/3 FN21jc 5980 292
2010-11-09 03:34 PA0O 1.838142 -25 0 JO33hg 5 K2QL FN22ca 5946 294
2010-11-06 21:46 PA0O 1.838099 -20 0 JO33hg 5 N2NOM FN22bg 5933 294
2010-11-08 02:18 PA0O 1.838042 -26 0 JO33hg 5 VE2UG FN35gs 5532 296
2010-11-09 19:22 PA0O 1.838147 -22 0 JO33hg 5 4X1RF KM72ls 3201 124


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