The Samsung OMNIA "smartphone"

calculating the DX-index for JO33hg using WSPR data

One night WSPR 600 160 & 80 unique Calls >5000km

DELL OPTIPLEX as radio PC and Eminent w-lan router

Screen filled with WD2XSH/17 500kHz decodes

WD2XSH/17 WSPR screen

WD2SXH/17 40 decodes in one night sofar with the K9AY

lowband receive antenna K9AY loops

VK5ZAG 2 evenings in a row reported my 160m 5W WSPR beacon

500kHz QTX PA input 120W output >100W

PA0O blog: All Asia * RUS RTTY * FD

All Asia * RUS RTTY * FD

50Mhz LFA loop construction.

EME on 6M K2ZD with the 7ele LFA

End of ES season

6M EME QSO with Lance W7GJ

It's a struggle W7 i see no improvement against even W2000 !

W7 USB-serial N1MM


ZL1JA WSPR 0.5W copied