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sudden 6m opened this afternoon first 4X1RF decoded my 6M wspr
then 9K2GS was worked 56 max at 50127  heard about 1 hour with QSB
and another 9K2OD worked they where chatting

some UR ES and SV /b weak that was it
long time not heard Kuwait.
Not new but nice DX a bit more then single hop for a change
Never expected anything to happen the bands where total dead
 with LZ1OI only non terrestrial decode at 10M
Even the DL's in south east had no decodes of VK  extreme !

CQWPX CW Only time Sunday afternoon and evening

Alleen Zondag een aantal uren mee kunnen doen
takkeweer donkere dag
Zoals verwacht 10m practisch dicht

Maar 15m was tot na middernacht open  zelfs zeer laat Japan en Hawai AH7T en Westkust USA Canada
eigelijk beter dan verwacht.
meestal weinig aanbod behalve nieuw op 40 en 80 vette pile met even sterke stations was wel lastig
  465 QSO  toch nog    met veel harken..

 3517 CW 2015-05-31 2357 PA0O          599 0458   P33W          599 7136            6
tja 7136 QSO  d…