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Showing posts from June 26, 2018
A bit grumbling seems to help...
finally good tropo and ES /AU to TF OH LA 4m  in the night 25 to 26 June
FT8 is a second live for 144MHz !
4m TF1VHF 70.057 heard to S9 long time
1296.895 OY6BEC heard strong  several mornings and nights
GM3EDN  23cm  GB3ANG 4M    2M GB3NG repeater heard in the garden at 3m gp
K3 + XVTR  10W+  cool  stable real good performer this small XVTR.
Only missing is the automatic switching on band change i have to do that manually
hrd  144480 LA8VHF jo48xx s1
GM4FVM IO85  +13 Jim ! 144.174
1296.860  LA1UHG JO59fB  s5
 FT8 GI6ATZ 144.174 +4   IO74  easy to QSO in FT8 with GI 10W i use to terror the 2m with 2x 4cx250.... those days are gone