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Showing posts from May 30, 2017

50 MHz JT65

Just when I was typing
I see JA9IPF  replying for Henk PE1HXK !   the first time  i see Japan in JT65
exception to JA  only JA9IPF and JA9AVA heard but AVA was in QSO with JT1CS  and faded

All day 6m is open to JA BY BV from S-EU if i see all decodes passing.
Until now here only single hop ES and rare double hop to 4X 5B
I am still hoping for  some Asia
psk reporter does no longer update my decodes  but that does not surprises me it is software and it is network.
When it works it is a great site amazing DX  going on in the JT65 world

lot of activity at  50.276  USB dial  JT65

Interesting to see what DX is possible  just a few 100 km south / east

today  saw HS0ZIO  was worked and  YI1SAL LM23ei
and JA  's DU  ZS1  reported  in s/e EU  EA8 I SV
I can not remember that HS was ever worked at 50 MHz in cycle 22 23 24 ?

 here in JO33hg as usual  i  see what goodies  others can hear

Today 4Z5ML worked and 4X6AG heard

Best dx this week is A45XR  JT65

6m is not as closed as it would be w…