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Showing posts from May 29, 2017

CQ WPX CW N1MM update 27May issue

Very high QSO numbers
Propagation very poor 10m 15m complete closed   no ES 6m and 10m
Weakest 40m USA signals since ages  just marginal signals of the big guns
The WPX is no dx contest maybe that is a good thing for the near future..
few dx  40m  ZL4YL CX9AU  could not  QRP 100W
live is to short for QRP

N1MM trouble after update 27 May
CAT problems with K3 not possible to tune down to CW part
The K3 jumped to wild frequency's  95 MHz
had to go back to the previous 24 May version no problem with V 1.0.6347.0