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IARU 50Mhz

yoshinari ikeda  JH4IUO  cfmd  QSO with email  So 10ele yagi×2 35mh  top of a mountain 730m sea level Rig TS-990S+AMP 500W

Good ES during this contest
I could only be active Sunday  the propagation God was very generous  lots of ES signals
No EA no G   main antenna direction had to be n-east to s-east

137 QSO

best DX JH4IUO PM64jf 8960km
My brain rejected to decode JH4IUO   at first
I was not expecting JA reply
first JA at 6m here this season.
I have not been very active at 50MHz  last DX was begin of May.
just a few single hop ES and some Aurora contacts  after the 4/5 May FR4 3B9FR opening

My antenna is very modest in compare. I have the HF multiband in its summer dress
Added 6m elements to form a 5el 6m beam and 40-10m dipole feeded with 1 coax cable to the HF dipole.  And this 5 ele performs real good for its modest size.
F/B  fine and good matching..
And the 4m / 70MHz 5 ele on top

IARU site  wants EDI log type more suited for VHF it outputs files per band f.i.

Always  usin…