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WSJT-x multiple instance

I am testing with 2 instances  WSJT-x  latest version.
Using N3IZN notes on
This is simple using  2 shortcuts to WSJT-X   with  command line  option --rig-name=xxxx
This command line option creates separate program environments with different configurations.

2 (or more)  rigs can be used simultane with WSJT-x  at the same PC
A second instance of WSJT-x  for the 2nd Rig  and the logging is needed
The shortcuts to WSJT-x  have to be modified to accomplish this.

to add a second separate working instance for WSJT-x
make a copy of the first shortcut to WSJT-x

rename the shortcut to rig2       rig2  is the name you want to use for your rig

r-click on this WSJT-x rig2
open properties
change the target name to
C:\WSJT\wsjtx\bin\wsjtx.exe --rig-name=rig2
( 1 space between wsjtx.exe. and --rig-name=rig2    and rig-namem must be the same rig2 
that is all
if this shortcut is used,  the latest installed WSJT-X  wil be started for rig2  in…