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WSJT-x multiple instance

I am testing with 2 instances  WSJT-x  latest version.
Using N3IZN notes on
This is simple using  2 shortcuts to WSJT-X   with  command line  option --rig-name=xxxx
This command line option creates separate program environments with different configurations.

I used for the IC706  the 1rst Shortcut
and changed  name to wsjtx - IC706
 target name example:
C:\WSJT\wsjtx\bin\wsjtx.exe --rig-name=IC706
as before start in  C:\WSJT\wsjtx
The IC706 is as before connected  hardware with com1 and audio ports

aded 2nd instance
WSJT-X TS2000     using FlexRadio Power-SDR   v2.2.3 emulating radio TS2000
connected  with Flex1500   at USB 474.2kHz
using VAC and V-serial ports
fttb only receive i have an issue that cable1 VAC is used for in and output at P-SDR to let it receive
normally  VAC in is connected to out  and vice versa  but that did not work yet so tx will be not possible this way?

It is running on an older X60 Lenovo with docking ba…