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SSD drive installing

Now  the prices of SSD are dropping  f.i. SAMSUNG EVO  500GB 230€ My  HD had "only"  20GB  free space plus my external backup crashed did me decide to move to SSD.  I had only once used a SSD until now in a Panel PC 64GB  
after installing Samsung 500G EVO SD

performance index went from 5.9  to 6.5  the video is now the slowest part
drive went from 5.9 to 7.7
I followed the SAMSUNG installation procedure that came with the drive.
I did not have the special SAMSUNG SATA-USB cable.
but Connected the SSD over USB to the SATA interface of my defective ADAT 1TB USB drive.
The disc clone operation takes over 3 hours for 285GB with a transfer speed 20MB/sec using the USB3 port to the Sata USB interface this one was not USB3 speed I think.
Samsung migration does not copy the  Windows memory image files they are not needed.  That saves unnecessary 10GB date transfer.The recycle bin was not skipped. I my case 13.5 GB...
Once installed the SAMSUNG software needed an upgrade to the la…