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Showing posts from December 30, 2012


Total collapse of propagation.
Saturday when looking up I could not find the 160m antenna.
Inverted-L lay broken on the ground .
Very windy conditions but dryduring the day and exceptional warm for this time of year +12C.
Replaced the wire so startedwith a brand new Antenna.
Found outmy K9AY receive antenna gave up working definitive.
Just checked the cable seems broken some where outside.

Propagation very poor  it became worse  in the very late hours instead of getting better. I did not wait for the Sunset grey line that would not happen.
Pitythat propagation would again not cooperate.
265 QSO mostly EU  1229 points
38xW 9xVE
best DX  K0RF  DN70   KV4FZ FK74   FM5CD FK94
heard CE1/K7CA  working USA good copy FG41 as best heard DX
Not a single JA heard  no UA0  UN a very few UA9