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Showing posts from May 29, 2019

1rst 144 ES

Arrived home at the tail of the opening we had  to go out
i could not work remote teamviewer licence is outdated.
Now switched to Chrome remote desktop

144174 MHz FT8   EA1NL heard and called but no reply
saw some more EA at the FT8 screen  picked up by the PC mike the audio to the set was not connected..

N1MM recent issue it blocks program update the running program does not shut down.
Have to close it manual with task manager and then update.

Tuesday lot of ES 6m 4m
4m best DX    EA8DBM and S01WS  again

In evening TR8CA  JJ40QS  Alain  was long time good copy at 50.300
easy to work abt 50W in FT8 F/H 50323
later in FT4 very easy  respond direct   this was my first FT4 contact
FT4 sounds like a singing saw

NextCall signWorkedDate/TimeBandModeFreqQSLDetailsPA0OTR8CA2019-05-28 18:12:186MFT450.32886GABONDetailsPA0OTR8CA2019-05-28 17:57:106MFT850.32300GABONDetailsPA0OS01WS2019-05-28 16:04:024MSSB70.17400DetailsPA0O9A4ZM2019-05-28 07:16:45