lowband receive antenna K9AY loops

Last Top-band season was extreme good with dx-peditions to the Pacific being worked on top-band.  That is my (our N-EU) ultimate DX area of course.     Then I had my Beverage out to N-E  and  was spoiled by receiving loud and clear JA 's  JD1 FK8CP  and more.  It was fun be able to hear as good as the well known top-band specialists while before  I was only able to pick up the stronger signals from JA  now i heard them all.  Even sometimes hearing JA's return without being heard by the running station...
A Beverage is a very simple antenna but needs space  and I have to wait until all sheep's are converted into Kebab  ...  So I had to do something like a loop antenna.

The K9AY loop antenna relay-box it seems to work there is a strong directional effect.
The antenna is connected with 120m coax6  100m from the TX vertical and shack.
Receiving VQ9LA very well  few evenings in a row. Could work hime bare food last night.
9Q50ON was worked on topband remarkable easy being an African equator located station normaly almost unworkable but I had a lucky shot this time.  Heard very well XE3AVR. 

looking in N-E   JA direction  where my Beverage used to be but have to wait the sheep's are still in.
Hope this K9AY  performs as good as the Beverage. I think it works decent  less signal  but direction  is switchable from the shack.  The Beverage did perform very well for JA JD   and workes also good for  80 40 and 30m.  It would be  super if such small antenna would perform like a beverage in 4 directions  but it comes close.  I enlarged the loops to about 40m.  terminated with 470ohms
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