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Showing posts from September 23, 2014

N1MM versus N1MM+

All work's  nice with new N1MM+  version   many update versions seen already
The only thing I struggle with is the log listing
N1MM+ does not show Date and Time columns? It was okay only the columns where shifted out to the left hard to see..
I was searching  my 1 ( and only) 2014 6M new DXCC
QSO 2 Juli 2014  21:58

I could not find J69DS in LOTW but convinced  that  the QSO was uploaded to LOTW

I uploaded again but not  yet updated?

TQSL gave an fault  when uploading but I did continue not allowing dupes
I hoped that the missing QSO would upload .

The callsign seems to be a logging fault
 I did ignore

Anyway Nigel  ZD9XF  was worked on 12 and 40m 

long time trying to get VK9AN on 7.016 MHz    very reasonable signal here
up to 569  maybe even 579  but they are real deaf  having high noise and same time high TX power otherwise ??  An other deafpedition.
Nigel was not that loud had a big pile but he was worked after not too many calling quite easily. So whats the problem with th…