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Showing posts from October 16, 2011

East Kiribati T32C 40m Sundaymorning

T32C   very nice website
And what a giant set up 
A good copy 539 /559 over the north pole.
jammed crazy but the jammer let a short break..
Lot of QRI almost  impossible to get a clear copy.
This recording was the better copy after QSO.
T32C 7.002 16-10-2011 7:12 Qso
real sick ex-ham?

Later in evening  could fill in 12 and 15m 
 I did not hear them at 80 -160  this weekend .
They report only 1 160 QSO  with PA 
With  Kees PE5T  a real top performance!  So it can be done I have to be there around 05 UTC  in the morning and hoping for a good  greyline and not to bad QRI..

10m RTTY  JARTS was very good although I think the Saturday was even better. Loads of JA's  not much else  1 VK3 worked  VK6 heard  with good signal no VK spots seen. I expected some more since WSPR  showed many VK  including decodes by VK7AB  and VK2FLR  just after sunrise.