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LOTW TQSL 113 (not 112 tnx Bas) install on 2nd PC

Very very poor DX propagation this weekend only single hop except for FJ/W6JKV  hrd some time . Friday morning  has been super to JA and HL =first?  at 6m what I heard off but  QRL again wrong timing.   Friday afternoon X-flare  and some weak Aurora
Worked OY3JE  70.200  some ES but in North-East PA  absolute baseline noise at 6m.  I doubt there will be another JA opening here since the Ionosphere need to recover again and then it will be late July ??  I hope  I'm wrong. 
50MHz  has always been very much poorer in the N-E  even if  only 200km more N-E  we seem to be just to much into the auroral zone.  Big antenna's can not compensate this.  Plus having a full-time job and travel al lot the effective 6m DX season compiles to a few hours.  But of course it is nice to have a big antenna system to listen for the local beacons in tropo range.

My  radio-PC was crashed  some weeks ago main-board failure still not repaired.  Now I use the Dell420 notebook. Runs nice and cool    WSPR  WS…