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7 8 June 2017 huge ES

June 7 2017  super ES propagation  not  favoring  my QTH as usual
 JO33HG in the middle  in the eye of the ES  dx happens over my head

 17:23Z  144.300 HA8HI CQ ES 59 one time loud  but gone  ms / es
 17:32     144.300   YO3FAI  heard several times CQ


 later 50MHz   KP4 FG    some USA  but here just a few
no reply to cq
 USA signals far better to HA OK etc  not here
Only a few crumbles of the DX  could be copied here
possible my 5 ele  is not good enough?

Most DX heard only very few QSO
ES DX if it  comes it comes in waves signals can be gone a minute later.

June 8
evening  short open to West USA
17:47 WA6OSX CM97 -10  R-06  working DL
17:51  N6ML      CM97eq       -13  working  DL

The morning very open to JA
50.276 JT65  lot of JA  heard
 just a few 2-way due volatile signals  most calls only seen once and gone
 To improve 2-way QSO   replay with report to CQ  will help

 all time NEW tadaa    made me forget all missed  DX last days
DS4EOI PM37  Korea new DXCC