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8 June 50MHz FT8 / R1 VHF UHF SHF June contest

Sunday   6m  found open to USA  south
 long time Florida and Texas HAMs could be decoded
I was hoping for Mexico, last time  heard /worked in previous Milenium.

PSK reporter also gives station information
I guess this is derived from LOTW upload
my antenna is given a 120cm dish 
my 6m antenna is a 7 ele  home made  DK7ZB  v-dipole

4m 5 ele + 2m 7ele  duoband
 1m20 dish  with at the feeder  23cm transverter 30W

deepest into USA W1KSZ DM41px

Rx at Sun, 08 Jul 2018 15:56:44 GMT
From PA0O by W1KSZ Loc DM41px
Frequency: 50.313.517 MHz (6m), FT8, -15dB
Distance: 5456 miles bearing 309°
Using: WSJT-X v1.9.1 r8747

Rx at Sun, 08 Jul 2018 15:47:44 GMT
From PA0O by W0MU Loc DM79om80
Frequency: 50.313.618 MHz (6m), FT8, -12dB
Distance: 4839 miles bearing 310°
Antenna: 5 ele SteppIR 70 ft

Rx at Sun, 08 Jul 2018 15:58:14 GMT
From PA0O by ZF1EJ Loc EK99ig45
Frequency: 50.313.559 MHz (6m), FT8, -13dB
Distance: 8165 km bearing 280°
Using: WSJT-X v1.9.1 r8747
Antenna: 6 EL BOOMER @ 40'

213415 -20 0.3 1452 ~ …