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Total collapse of propagation.
Saturday when looking up I could not find the 160m antenna.
Inverted-L lay broken on the ground .
Very windy conditions but dryduring the day and exceptional warm for this time of year +12C.
Replaced the wire so startedwith a brand new Antenna.
Found outmy K9AY receive antenna gave up working definitive.
Just checked the cable seems broken some where outside.

Propagation very poor  it became worse  in the very late hours instead of getting better. I did not wait for the Sunset grey line that would not happen.
Pitythat propagation would again not cooperate.
265 QSO mostly EU  1229 points
38xW 9xVE
best DX  K0RF  DN70   KV4FZ FK74   FM5CD FK94
heard CE1/K7CA  working USA good copy FG41 as best heard DX
Not a single JA heard  no UA0  UN a very few UA9


LOTW server has been very slow lately
I do upload regularly the latest QSO's
it is  roughly 20days behind 

Almost start to doubt  if and when I did upload
 but sure  several times  this month December

Internet here in Zuidwolde   ADSL  over 10km  about 50 year old telephone ground cable   4 wires metal lead   wax paper isolated
The speed is 1,5Mb/s  maximum  and minimum 0 kb/s
Mostly we are  just above minimum..
We must have the slowest internet in the Netherlands here.
1 km away a farmer is connected to an other cable having 10mb/s or more.

ZS6EZ and V5/DL3DXX on 160m 2x new

V5/DL3DXX  was very weak copy here  But he returned prompt.  First time  I lost him in QSB
Could QSO in one of the rare QSB peaks  Dietmar did receive better on his end  
Real report  ?  415  519   but everyone give 599
Not copied on my K9AY in any direction 
No recording  since it took to long
  using the K3 200Hz rooftop filter did not help

The best copy was 400Hz  on the TX  i-L   vertical
This confirmed   my impression  that the  K9AY  does only help me in  NE NW  directions.
And also the experience that when hearing weak CW in USB  2.7kHz.
It does not really improve to switch to narrow CW filter. 
I might even lose the signal  when doing that.
When I just got my K3  I triedthe NR noise reducer with all its many settings but never found the magic combination.
I rarely use it does anyone use the K3 NR for low band DX ?   My ears still beat DSP noise reducing and filtering.
In a crowded band  a narrow filter is indispensablebut else I prefer wide filters.

A 2nd  new oneZS6EZ was  easy copy here, …

4m WSPR enzo

Het is bijna Kerst  de koelkasten nog eens ge├»nspecteerd.
Ik vond nog een blik wild ragout uit een Kerstpakket met uiterste datum 2005 ...
Ik ben er dan ook dol op..  toch maar weg  zonde hoor.

De Variometer voor 500/474  staat nog op de werkbank moet liefst dit jaar toch nog even werken op 500kHz voordat deze band voor ons verloren gaat.
 Jammer 630m 474.2kHz is toch een beetje 2e keus.
Ik heb toch nog haast alle landen die actief waren kunnen werken.
Zelfs een 2-weg WSPR met WD2XSH/17 met de QRP 100W was mogelijk in 2010
Op 474.2 kHz  geeft DK7FC  de toon aan  en trouwens ook op 137kHz  met 3 decodes in VE en W  vannacht..
Met een 100W Tx   ben je echt QRPP op die banden.  Pas als er een behoorlijke blauwe ionisatie wolk om de antenne hangt kun je een beetje meedoen in dit geweld. Every kW help's a bit..

Vanmiddag even weer op 70MHz geluisterd het werkt nog.

Zwak QSB maar goed te nemen OZ7IGY 70.021MHz  JO55wm
en GB3BAA  IO91ps  kwam even vrij sterk door  529

De FLEX1500 + XVTR  +  7ele 3b…

80m a good evening finally 137kHz activity good

Heavy ice rain this morning.

The wire's became 10x thicker and very heavy.
But no damage.
Tonight I was received well by JA's.  Normally  only decoding DK4XI near LX
Something must be improved this evening.  Heard ZL3NB good at 3505 but no ZL's on 160 this sunset. 

 2012-12-22 17:54  VK7DIK  3.594158  -19  0  QE28sf  5  PA0O  JO33hg  16731  307  2012-12-22 21:54  PA0O  3.594033  -28  0  JO33hg  5  JF3MKC  PM74xm  9101  40  2012-12-22 22:16  PA0O  3.594033  -23  0  JO33hg  5  JF3MKC  PM74xm  9101  40  2012-12-22 21:52  PA0O  3.594033  -27  -1  JO33hg  5  JF3MKC  PM74xm  9101  40  2012-12-22 20:24  PA0O  3.594033  -27  0  JO33hg  5  JF3MKC  PM74xm  9101  40  2012-12-22 21:00  PA0O  3.594033  -26  0  JO33hg  5  JF3MKC  PM74xm  9101  40  2012-12-22 22:18  PA0O  3.594033  -23  0  JO33hg  5  JF3MKC  PM74xm  9101  40  2012-12-22 22:04  PA0O  3.594033  -25  0  JO33hg  5  JF3MKC  PM74xm  9101  40  2012-12-22 20:24  PA0O  3.594029  -25  0  JO33hg  5  JA0DWG  PM97ns  8909  36  2012-…

499.500 kHz screen

2012-12-22 03:24  WE6XGR  0.499500  -13  0  FN12  50  PA0O  JO33hg  5988  47  2012-12-22 03:26  WE6XGR  0.499500  -14  0  FN12  50  PA0O  JO33hg  5988  47 Saturday morning  the strongest decodes this season -13 few times  but previous seasons it has been to -2dB in better times  

After Five Years of Ham Radio Contest News, Going QRT


At sunset/sr  about 1730 -1800 I was home and listening 1831.5
for ZL3IX but nothing today  only 4L7CW heard cq

Moved to 3500 CW    
luxury situation  3 ZL's in CW !
 3501 ZL2IFB  419 519
3505 ZL1BYZ   new for 80m
3508 ZL3NB  539   

Last night after a slow start.After 22:00 no transatlantic decodes at all. Fist decode 01:14 last 06:58  93 decodes  in the end.
The "strongest" decodes so far this year.  Best time  05:10- 05:30  -15dB  "Booming" ;-)

2012-12-18 05:16  WE6XGR  0.499500  -15  0  FN12  50  PA0O  JO33hg  5988  47That happens to be the strongest decode in EU  but  the DL SWR  in JO52 was not monitoring last night. He or She?  had amazing reception last week.
The main WSPR database  can only searched back 1 week.
So history is going back only 1 week 
The old database has other restrictions.
Pity that not all data is available but understanding because it grows to big with that many spots like today:
114,234,681 total spots
118,156 in the last 24 hours
6,217 in the last …