The Samsung OMNIA "smartphone"

This phone is the absolute top in user unfriendliness
It abuses you with  its prototype software
It will rarely connect to any WLAN access point.
After entering the whole connection data it tells you it fails and you can try it again if you want.... nooooooooo!
Using blue-tooth it is possible to get your pictures out but it is a quest to do it.
The display is a billboard  everything is clear except that what you need  to see.
It can not be used ( in daylight)  or never...
One positive thing is that it can run I-GO.  Running I-go will always need an external power supply.

Technically it has all the hardware to be a good smart phone  but   smart software is needed..
Luckily   i did not buy the OMNIA  just got it for use.
Today I got the HTC Desire
It was not possible to synchronise the phone data to Outlook since it just will not connect.
Even a copy of  2  new phonebook entries to SIMM  gave an error: SIMM full!
Just a couple of bytes that did not fit anymore to the SIMM.. living in the G-byte T-byte era!
Every kid walks around with a couple of Gigabyte MP3 players  and this Phone tells me it can not store
50bytes more!!

The HTC did connect flawless to my WLAN 
I hope this is a real smart phone  and not a fake like the OMNIA


Jupiter Family said…
Happy New Year!
New Year's 2011 Vuurwerk festiviteiten rond de wereld
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