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Tectronix 465

Final conclusion:
The CRT  suffers internal  short in the 14kV after heating up
That damaged the Cascade and  damaged the DIY cascade and the U14 5 and -8V
So i was pulling a dead horse i learned a lot more about the 465
Next time  (...)  i would  run the 465 with the 24V fuse F1419 pulled and test if the power is okay without HV  and that the triggering on 1kH 300mV Cal works okay 
Replace the CRT  and make or repair my DIY cascade is the only solution left.
Replacing this CRT is a thing.. it is not impossible when having another 465 for spare   

Tectronix 465 still in trouble
It became an interesting yet frustrating project
Investigating this legendary Tectronix 465 1971  high quality classic electronics.

The diagnoses was:  HV cascade broken that loaded  the  H.V. oscillator so the 2450V was zero.
At that point the amplifiers and triggering  still worked but the CRT was dark.
Now finished a DIY cascade  using 6x 2n2/10kV   6x  20kV 20mA 100nS
Someone shared a picture of his DIY c…